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Have you ever wanted to experience the desert country written about by the surveyor Len Beadell?
Armed with information from within the family, Connie Sue Beadell will give you the true picture of what Len and his road-making crew, the "Gunbarrel Road Construction Party", got up to in the 50's & 60's.
Have you ever wondered how it was possible to survive in the desert for months on end with only camels for transport?
Connie's husband Mick will fascinate you with tales of how the early explorers did it and what they discovered.
Beadell Tours travel on desert tracks and also run cross-country expeditions, the next step for those experienced in 4WD travel.
We will show you plants & trees, living creatures and Aboriginal history, things that are missed when schedules are tight.
If you want to learn the correct way to repair a tyre Mick will show you how in detail.
Lake Cohen under water 2017
Lake Cohen under water 2017 - Gary Highway
Connie will treat you on occasion with goodies fresh & hot, straight from the camp oven.
Beadell Tours take only small groups and average 4 hours per day of travel. That's it.
Our website includes detailed information on vehicle & tour preparation, desert updates, souvenirs, handy links and much more,
so please click on the Site Map link above to see what we have for you and read on......


Beadell Tours offer self-catered
tag-a-long vehicle positions for :

~ Tours including the Beadell tracks.

~ Expeditions including explorer history.

** Please note : we prefer that order forms
& deposits are returned to us by the end of
January to allow time for bookings & permits **

Trip list for 2018
Proposed trips for 2019
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Marble Gums



Mick tyre repair demo Canowindra NSW - tyre repairs
Specialising in 4WD and Light Truck tyres
Major and Minor repairs to damaged tyres
Contact Mick Hutton:
mobile - 0408 841 447
Please note - the service is only available for the months of October through to April.
Tyre Repair Demonstrations also available

  Why you need a demo.....

For information on Len Beadell's books, Talking Books, the famous "Shepparton Talk" CD,
the popular DVD and how to order,
please click to visit the Len Beadell Books & Tapes website :
Len Beadell Books & Tapes    or email Phil Sexton    Email.
Len Beadell reading Outback Highways


Connie Beadell & Mick Hutton BEADELL TOURS
"Brinawa", 457 Nangar Road, Canowindra, NSW, 2804
Phone : 02 6344 1893
Mobile : 0408 841 447
Email :   Beadell Tours
ABN : 40 947 959 130


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Other images of Len, Scotty & Doug by the Beadell, Boord and Stoneham families respectively.


April / May 2018
* Proposed trips for 2019
* Tyre Repair Slideshow, now a webm movie
* Permit issues






November / December 2017
* Finalised trips for 2018
* Tyre & Tube Report 2017
* Tube Problems & Repair Experiments 2016-17
* Puncture Comparison Between Tyres for Long Range Desert Touring
* Vehicle Problem Report 2017
* Driving Tips for the Western Deserts
* Historical & Aboriginal Sites
* Connie's Desert Updates